Health industry

Just like all complex, expensive, and sensitive high-tech equipment, modern medical devices require the highest precision in its application. Even the smallest negligence may cause damage to the devices. The risk of damaging such devices increases significantly while transporting them. With the help of modern transportation methods, special equipment, and properly trained personnel, we have been successfully transporting such products for many years. Nevertheless, our services are not limited to ensuring safe transport. We also advise our clients in the planning of such transports in advance and provide both our storage space as well as special equipment. In addition to that, we assist our customers in the process of certifying documents and take over complex and confusing customs procedures.

Chemical Products & Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical and chemical products are very distinct and expensive goods. Transporting such goods is an intimidating task, requiring industry-specific knowledge, as well as utmost care and concentration. The transport of pharmaceutical and chemical products is one of our main lines of business. We meet all requirements for the storage and transportation of the goods, e.g. thermo containers, refrigerated transport, and special containers. Our well-trained staff fulfills the highest quality standards in the handling of such goods.

Transport of Machines / Project Cargo

Each transport of machines and project cargo is unique and bears many risks. In order to meet the challenge, we carefully develop individual solution for each transport. Our expert team allows the import of entire production plants under a customs tariff number and takes care of all communication with the local authorities. In addition to that, we organize the supply and unloading on site, provide necessary personnel, and ensure seamless progress at each stage of the logistics chain.

Agriculture and Forestry

Spoiled grain, diseased cattle, and damp or parasite-infested wood are every distributor’s nightmare. It causes costs to skyrocket and requires time and anxiety. The transport of agricultural and forestry products is associated with many risks. Therefore, one should leave nothing to chance. Thanks to our global network of experts, we offer services that have been developed exclusively for this type of industry. You can be sure that your goods are stored, handled, and transported properly. Furthermore, we can intervene whenever necessary in order to visually inspect goods, or conduct examinations.


We transport countless varieties of antiques. From coins and accessories, to solid wood furniture and pictures, from single copies to entire collections – importing or exporting antiques is a complicated venture. Various documents, certificates, and approvals from customs are just as important as the permission by the ministry of culture. Good packaging, optimal transport routes, and special transport conditions are tremendously important. Our team of experts offers customized solutions and takes care of the safe passage, as well as all tasks associated with the import and export of goods. Our partners are active all around the world. They visit antiques fairs, auction houses, and cooperate with private collectors. We will gladly find specific rarities or collectibles for you. In addition, our experts are able to restore and refine your antiques, as well as check them for authenticity. Since 2009, our company works for the “Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art” and is responsible for all logistic actions.