About company

Transwaal AF Ltd. is an international freight forwarding, transshipment, and warehousing company with years of experience. The company is a reliable link that connects European companies with Eastern Europe and Asia.

We have built a “bridge” between East and West, based on trust and recognition of our customers and partners.

The TAF group has more than 50 employees worldwide. They have developed a reliable system for goods to be prepared, inspected, transported and declared in advance.

We have acquired vast experience in the field of transporting different types of goods, including those that require considerate handling. Common examples include laboratory equipment, medical products, and pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, our company has specialized in large-scale projects in which technological equipment, individual lines, and entire production plants are relocated.

Our goal is to provide the supplies of European goods to Eastern Europe and Asia, and to simplify the imports into Europe to the greatest possible extent.

Your benefits:

Through our great experience in working both in Germany and Russia, we are very mindful of the different work principles in governmental authorities and private companies between the Western and the Eastern world.

Transwaal AF Ltd. takes full responsibility for the goods entrusted to it in accordance with international agreements.

The Russian part of the TAF group oversees processing. Our staff in Moscow has exceptional knowledge regarding specifics in the Russian market. They manage customs clearance and ensure the unproblematic forwarding of the goods within Russia. Due to this procedure, the supplier does not have to maneuver between the export and import regulations themselves.

Both sides guarantee the highest quality of services and liabilities.