Transwaal AF GmbH is an international freight forwarding, transshipment, and warehousing company with years of experience. The company is a reliable link that connects European companies with Eastern Europe and Asia. We have built a “bridge” between East and West, based on trust and recognition of our customers and partners.

Our Goal: provide the supplies of European goods to Eastern Europe and Asia, and to simplify the imports into Europe to the greatest possible extent.

Transport and Customs

– Organization of aggregated shipments

– Preliminary examination of all commercial documents necessary for exporting and importing goods

– Customs clearance of export and import operations, as well as transit goods

– Provision of necessary certificates on both sides of the “bridge”

– Export and return importation with “Carnet ATA” (Admission Temporary)

– Multi customs clearances concerning large-scale projects

– Assistance in the certification of the goods according to the legislation of the importing country.

Warehouse services

– Handling

– Temporary storage

– Commissioning

– Customs warehouse Type C

– Block storage, storage of heavy goods, and shelf storage

– Packaging

– Production of boxes

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Medical equipment

Medical equipment transportation demands a gentle and professional approach. Transwaal possesses long-term experience that is necessary to guarantee you delicate and efficient medical equipment transportation.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

We follow all instructions regarding the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical and chemical goods according to the temperature requirements (insulated containers, refrigerated containers, specialised containers).

Bulky Goods and Special Transportation

We develop individual solutions guided by our long-term experiences to transport your bulky and special goods.

Farm Animals, Wood and Agricultural Machinery

We offer transportation services which were especially developed for this industry. You can be certain that your freight will be stored and transported according to all standards.


Our team of experts offers individual solutions and takes on all challenges related to the import and export, storage and delivery of your antiques.