What Are The Challenges Faced By Android App Developers?

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Mobile Apps have becomes quite popular. Most of the websites are now launching their Apps too that can be downloaded and installed in the mobile phones for using with ease. But, for developing these mobile Apps, the developers too face many challenges. Here are some of them. Developing Mobile Apps for this kinda phones gives freedom to the developers of the Android app development company in Kolkata.

Still, the App developers face many challenges while developing the these Apps. The Android platform has several opportunities for game cheats these developers. There are many providers of Android development service in Kolkata that ensure to help the enterprises improve their business standard and increase their brand value by developing mobile Apps for them. Ithas given the Apps owners the access to a large user base. But, despite these, ios the developers face a lot of challenges.

Here’s the list of the challenges they face: – Software fragmentation: – There are several Android versions that the developers find a little difficult to cope up with when it comes to developing these Apps. It is simply impractical to keep the focus only on the latest versions as not every user has updated to the newest OS. Hardware fragmentation: – This is one of the toughest challenges to overcome. There are approximately one hundred and seventy devices running the operating system.

Each one of these devices has different traits in terms of the screen size, the keyboard forms, etc. All of these together acts like a nightmare for these App developers. No hardware or software standardization: – A large number of devices running on Android gives rise to one more challenge that is lack of hardware or software standardization across these devices. This is a really tough challenge for the developers as all of these devices have different functions for different buttons.

Many carriers: – Every provider of Android development service in Kolkata knows that several carriers are available for Android operating system, each of which has the freedom of modifying the operating systems as per their purposes. This multiplies the fragmentation issues for Mod APK hack the developers. Security: – Unlike the strict guidelines of Apple’s App development, XAPK no such guidelines exist for the Android Apps. As a result of this, several malware issues arise.

Hardware or software fragmentation makes solving the problems much more difficult. This arises remarkable amounts of security problems. Market research costs: – One of the most important challenges for the Android App developers is the market research cost. Knowing and understanding the end users are the keys to develop an Android App but may need lots of research works, XAPK thus, making it a little costly for the developers. Android market search engines: – One of the biggest challenges that the developers face when developing Android Apps is the current Android marketplace.

Android has more than eight million Apps in this marketplace today. Getting your mobile App visible a step ahead among all of these is a big challenge. These were the challenges that every developer face most of the times when developing Apps for different types of websites. Anjali Agarwal, a business enthusiast is professionally associated with AGTS , android a reputed Android app development company in Kolkata. Besides developing great websites and creating innovative website designs for the clients, the establishment also provides digital marketing services like search engine optimization, social media optimization, etc.

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